AIRCARE brings flight and environmental safety together in one safety assurance programme. It embraces the principle that the identification and management of risk increases the likelihood of achieving safe outcomes. Hazards can be identified and dealt with systemically through the Hazard Reporting Programme through continually monitoring and improving operational systems. Auditing and monitoring processes ensure that operations are carried out in such a way as to minimise the risks inherent in this industry.

Gisborne Helicopters has been Aircare Accredited since 2012. We have found that by striving to meet Aircare standards we have expanded our ability to provide a safe and efficient working environment.

The following principles have been followed in developing the AIRCARE™ Accreditation Programme:

  1. Safety First – taking care of everyone’s safety - staff, visitors, customers, contractors, public
  2. Industry Led – developed by members of the aviation industry for the aviation industry
  3. Sustainable – environmental, social and financial
  4. Integrity – robust processes of accreditation and governance
  5. Supportive – providing tools for organisations to achieve best practice
  6. Transparent – criteria and findings are fully transparent
  7. Independent assurance – third party verification
  8. Intelligent – audit data is regularly reviewed and assessed
  9. Evolutionary – improving continuously to help General Aviation to lift performance
  10. Proactive – promoting safety and environmental performance for a vibrant aviation sector contributing to a better New Zealand.

Gisborne Helicopters has invested heavily in the company to ensure that we have the tools and team available to provide the region with a safe and efficient helicopter operation that can service the varied requirements that this region demands.

It is our aim, that while working under these guidelines, our clients can be assured that the service that is requested is provided in accordance to the strict guidelines met by Ourselves, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and NZ AIA – AIRCARE Accreditation.

Being an Aircare Accredited company, we hold in high regard the safety initiatives we have adopted through having External Auditing feedback. We are proud to attach our Audit Report for our most recent audit and would like to highlight the fact that we received no findings.

For more information about AIRCARE accreditation visit the AIRCARE website.